Our Instructors

This is our instructor and Managing Director Lauren. 
 I left the corporate world behind to follow my true passion of functional fitness or in everyday terms, “how we move in day to day life”.
I have completed my certificate in Strength and Conditioning through Setanta college. I have also qualified in Diet and Nutrition with a Diploma from Portobello institute. The synergies of both courses leave me adapt and equipped to offer the most comprehensive advise to members in both, functional training, resistance training and nutritional advice.
During my own pregnancies I worked closely with a number of S & C coaches. Now, being a mother, I feel I have a lot to offer mothers-to-be or post-partum. I understand the limitations and stress of family life, the demands from young children and the restrictions motherhood may bring. I know that working together; we can quickly restore body confidence.
As a woman I want to dispel the myths that weight training will leave you big or bulky. Training heavy with the right exercises, the correct range of motion, and appropriate intensity will get optimum results.
Balance agility and muscle strength can all be beneficial to everyone. Exercise is a way to improve quality of life, to me that’s functionally fitness.

Our next instructir is Chris

 Chris has studied recreation and leisure in Sligo IT for 4 years. He also studied Sports Nutrition in Dublin after that and numerous other fitness class courses. He started off in the fitness Industry by teaching Indoor and Outdoor bootcamps. He loves all sorts of Fitness and Sports related Fitness. He has thought all kinds of classes including Circuits, strength and conditioning, TRX, Rip 60, RT24, Step Aerobics, Boxercise, Strong Man Training, Spinning, Kettlebells, H.I.I.T, Insanity, Outdoor Bootcamps, Bosu, and have trained all sorts of people from teams to kids with austism to pregnant women.  He is an easy going person who enjoys to have fun in his classes but also to challenge people and add varity to each class.

   Our third instructor is Noel Rodriguez
Born & raised in Miami Florida, I was always into fitness and sport. My move to Ireland in 2008 really saw a huge decline in my fitness and I quickly became overweight. This wasn’t helped by making bad choices in nutrition. I gained 40+ pounds in 5 years and my fitness level was non-existent. In 2015 I decided to get my ass in gear and jumped into fitness full throttle. After 1 year of making my health a priority I decided to get my qualifications and help others who got stuck in a rut like I was. 3 years later, I am in the best shape of my life and am here to help you achieve the same.
“If you go hard, progress is easy, if you go easy, progress is hard”.
My focus is HIIT & HIRT workouts building pure power & speed, getting it done in 30/45 minute sessions. Spiking your H.G.H and helping you build lean muscle and functionality for everyday life.
EQF Level 3 Fitness Instruction
EQF Level 4 Diploma in Personal Training
EQF Level 3 Strength & Conditioning Coach
RT24 Qualified Instructor